Body Services


250 | 45 min (full body)

This machine was developed by La Bella e Famosa's owner, Betty Harris. She was discouraged by the fact that there was no technology available that would treat all stages of cellulite simulateously IN ADDITION to loose skin. Well, the Cellusleek does it all! It's the Rolls Royce of any body contouring available. This treatment combines subdermal therapy, deep tissue massage, vibration, percussion, as well as cupping all in one. We are now proud to offer CelluSleek body contouring services at A Peeling Concepts. It's sleek and sexy design allows for a full body treatment in 45 minutes that is the equivalent to five different therapies. Individually priced, this service would be close to $500.00. Get four times the results in half the sessions.

Alleia Herbal Inch Loss Wrap

95 | 80 min

This healthy inch loss program was formulated by Betty Harris. It is a toxin cleanse that creates a very definite size loss from fatty areas. The aloe vera in the solution will moisturize, tone and tighten the skin for the client to feel baby soft and there is no need to shower off the product. The treatment and "all food" ingredients are perfectly safe, healthy and very relaxing.

Alleia Tone and Firm Wrap

95 | 45 min

This is a classic seawater-spa treatment for dry, undernourished skin that lacks tone. A full body seaweed wrap infuses the epidermis with vital minerals and alginates to restore moisture and elasticity, while firming and toning spongy, dehydrated skin.